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Life is short so never put off your dream ride too long.  And so my friends this year I an riding around the world.  I'm meeting new friends and exploring strange and exotic places.   Along the way I'll be updating class materials and enjoying the miles of smiles.

Please forgive me for not being available by phone or for not answering email.  Where I'm going the best communication is sometimes by smoke signal, drums or a note in a bottle.
PLEASE ride well.   Take the time to plan and execute.   Eat properly and stay hydrated along the way.  And don't be so hard on yourself!   This is supposed to be fun, remember?
Check back often.  A blog is in the works with on-the-bike video, images and maybe a podcast or two...
Sincerely,  Ramey "Coach" Stroud




Coach Ramey and student on an adventurous ride

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